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May 21, 2017

Hello! Happy Sunday, guys!
I still can't believe how I was hating sushi around this time of the year last year. Today, I've been craving for sushi almost every time. I heard about this promo that Sushi Tei had for its Ciputra World branch only. You can eat the sushi at the conveyor for only IDR 25.000/plate! My aunt who knew about this, asked me to have some sushi at the last day of the promotion, and I couldn't be happier! :D

Honestly, I don't really know the name of the sushi that I had, but here are some photos of them!

My favorite sushi that I had at that time was the spicy one. I also enjoyed the one that had tuna, and also the one with chicken in it. Well, I just love them all so much though. Maybe because I've been craving for it for way too long... :D

My aunt, her friends, and I ended up finishing 11 plates of delicious sushi and I was so freakin' full yet happy! If I have to be honest, this was my very first time eating at Sushi Tei. As a former sushi hater, of course you would've never expected me to visit all these sushi restaurants in town, right?
It was quite a nice first experience though. I know it's one of the restaurants with higher price, yet they do have a great service because there were buttons to call the waiters at every table. So, yeah, I was having an amazing sushi night there.

And now I'm craving sushi again while writing this post. Here I am, hoping there will be another promo for sushi soon! Tell me if you know one please! As long as it's in Surabaya area though :D

Okay, as I'm getting hungrier and hungrier, I think I need to end it right here.
Hope you'll have a lovely day, guys!
See you on my next post!

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